My Eclipse 5.5 released

Genuitec has released MyEclipse 5.5 Enterprise Workbench, a commercial Eclipse plugin. MyEclipse 5.5 has a wide array of new features, many tailored for the Java EE 5 environment. Genuitec and TSS are also providing ten free licenses for TSS readers who enter a drawing - see the bottom of this post for the link.


* Platform support
o Microsoft Vista support
o Eclipse 3.2.2 compatible
o Upgraded MyEclipse-WebTools, an enhanced and professionally supported version of Eclipse WTP 1.5.3 with many MyEclipse improvements and bug fixes
* SNAPs Non-Eclipse Integration and Improvements, which allows developers to work on files without associated Eclipse projects; therefore, you could use MyEclipse' JSF editor to work on a project from NetBeans
* Java EE 5 Projects
o Create Java EE 5 Web, EJB and Enterprise (EAR) projects with integrated library support
o EJB Projects include integrated JPA and DB Explorer support
o Much more
* EJB3 - Enterprise Java Beans
o Create Stateless, Stateful, Entity and Message enterprise beans
o Wizards for creating all
o Code-assist and validation of Java annotations
o Reverse-engineer Entity and Stateless session bean facades from MyEclipse Database Explorer
* MyEclipse Java Persistence Tools (including JPA, Toplink, Hibernate)
o Add JPA Capabilities to any Java project
o Integrates with MyEclipse Database Explorer for database connections and metadata access
o JPA entity annotation validation
o JPA properties editors and Java Persistence perspective
o Much more
* Visual JSF Page Designer
o All new JSF Visual Page Designer for WYSIWYG editing of advanced JSF components
o Supports Drag-and-Drop style editing of all standard JSF components
o Preview mode of JSF design page
o JSF and faces-config.xml creation wizards
o Much more
* MyEclipse Derby Database
o Integrated Derby database server with preconfigured JDBC driver
o Sample schema is immediately accessible by all DB and JPA tools
* Matisse4MyEclipse Swing Visual Designer upgrades, availability as a standalone plugin
* Facelets support
* XHTML support
* MyEclipse UML improvements
* Improved internationalization
* New Application Server Connectors (Glassfish V2, Geronimo 2, Oracle 10, Weblogic 10)
* All-in-One Installer reduces download volume by 50%
* Much more!