Dota math guide

This article from is very amazing. The creator must be genius in math :p

DotA Mathematics

This is a guide to show you the mathcraft of some commonly argued issues. Reading this will not instantly boost your DotA skills overnight, but will give you a rough idea on what to do and what not to do in more general situations. Having some forms of mathcraft in mind, you will make less logical mistakes in terms of selecting items and skills for heroes. The guide will be written in Q and A form. More important phrases and conclusions will be highlighted in ORANGE, and calculations to support the arguments will be separated so that those who trust me on the mathematics can skip those and read the conclusion. Enjoy!


1: Introduction to the concept of EHP (Effective Hit Points)

2: Introduction to the concept of Effective Damage

3: Introduction to the concept of DPS (Damage Per Second)

4: Application of EHP, Effective Damage, and DPS

5: The most argued topic: Buriza or Monkey King Bar?

6: How good is Hyperstone?

7: Armor reduction skills, how good/ bad are they?

8: How to optimize my DPS?

9: Maelstrom — n00b item or useful?