My Graduation, Bina Nusantara 39th Graduation

Congratulation for my self. After spent 5 years in Bina Nusantara University, Jakarta at least its over now.

Graduation with my friend
With my friend 1

Graduation with my friend2
With my friend 2

Graduation with my family
With my family

Updating ESET Smart Security and ESET NOD32 Virus Definition with Smart Way

ESET is my favourite AV since this product receive the best AV 2006, 2007 and still top ten the best AV in 2008.

I'm using ESET product not just because that award, but also because this ESET doesn't make my system slower like Norton does.

ESET has 2 main product which is :
1. NOD32 Antivirus (the latest is ver 3)
This is an anti virus product
2. Eset Smart Security (the latest is ver 3)
This is an anti virus plus anti spyware, anti malware, and personal firewall in one bundling product.

Now back to topic, the problem with ESET is updating the latest virus definition with the slow connection (like mine). If you have unlimited, stable and fast internet connection you can leave this article now.

Still following this article ?

Okay for you who have unlimited, but slow internet connection (just like my office) here is the step :
1. Open your ESET Smart Security or NOD32 Antivirus
2. Press F5 to open configuration
3. Select update tab
4. Click Edit
5. Try one of the following server list
* (For ESET Smart Security ver 3)
* (For NOD32 Antivirus ver 3)
6. Update now.

Now for you with very limited internet connection (dial up) here is the step :
1. Download tools for offline browsing or site mirroring (in this case, im using Teleport Pro)
2. Run the program
3. Click "New Project Wizard"
4. Choose "Create a Browseable copy of a website on my hard drive"
5. Enter one of the following url
* (For ESET Smart Security ver 3)
* (For NOD32 Antivirus ver 3)
6. Choose "Everything"
7. Click finish
8. Run the project to retrieve the file and choose location to save your file
6. When all file downloaded, open your ESET Smart Security or NOD32 Antivirus
7. Press F5 to open configuration
8. Enter the path you saved earlier
9. Update now
10. For daily update, you don't have to waste another 18MB++, just open your Teleport project and click "Update Now". This method compare the file between your computer and server and make sure download only the newest file.

MyEclipse IDE 7 Free License

MyEclipse 7 Released, Get The Free License Now

Genuitec offering free license to people comment in TheServerSide thread. Here is the thread

Give your good comment and pray for the free license.

Some new feature in MyEclipse 7.
# Advanced JavaScript tooling

# New Plugin Dashboard

# REST Web Services wizards and explorer

# MyEclipse Spring tools

# OpenJPA support for MyEclipse Persistence tools

# MyEclipse Reports upgrade

# UML1, UML2 upgrades

# New JSF views and enhancements

# MyEclipse ICEfaces tooling update

Oracle ADF Faces Template in JDev 10g

My project (maybe almost project need this) require a template so when developing user interface, developer no need repeat adding banner, logo, application title, footer, etc. SRDemo example teach me to create template.jspx file and then copy paste this template to another jspx file. This is bad idea, because if somehow my logo changed, then i need to modified ALL of my jspx file.

So i'm start Googling to research about this. But sadly Oracle does not officially support ADF template in JDev 10g. JDev 11g does, but after some consideration we,re using JDev 10g.

After a bit research led me to ADF Region. But like i said, this is not supported so it's not covered in Oracle ADF Developer Guide book. Thanks to Edwin Biemond blog and AMIS blog to contribute great article about ADF Region.

Oracle JDeveloper 10g Review

After 2 weeks using Oracle JDeveloper 10g, more spesific JDev, i'll share my opinion about this tools.

Here is JDev editor in my computer.
JDev Editor

Journey to Oracle

My new job is everything about Oracle.

Database : Oracle Database 11g
Tools : JDeveloper
Framework : Oracle ADF and ADF Faces
ORM : Oracle TopLink
LDAP & Security : Oracle Identity Manager and Oracle Internet Directory
Webserver : Oracle OAS OC4J

Most of them is something new for me.

So wait till i explore all of them and i'll share some article.

Goodbye PJN

Red alert ...

My company, Pratama Jaringan Nusantara is going to collapse. We have no productive activity since 2 - 3 month ago.

Today electrical power is down, telephone is down and the worst internet is also shutdown.

So i think it's time to start looking a new job.

Wish me luck.

WEB4J Java Web Application Framework

Another simple web framework. According to official website the primary design goal of WEB4J is to always exercise deep compassion for you, the application programmer, to make your tasks as simple, natural, and as effective as possible. The framework should take on as much pain as possible, so that, in the end, you experience as little pain as possible.

Livescribe Smart Pen

In JavaOne 2008 conference, Livescribe announce Livescribe Smart Pen.

Livescribe Smart Pen

Of course, main function of a pen is for write, but this Livescribe Smart Pen can do better. Livescribe Smart Pen can record what you write on paper and transfer it to notebook which is bundled with pen. Livescribe Smart Pen has powerful hand writting recognizer. Also Livescribe Smart Pen can record sound and can transfer to notebook.

Netbeans 6.1 Has Been Released

NetBeans is proud to announce the availability of NetBeans IDE 6.1 for download!

Netbeans 6.1

NetBeans IDE 6.1 supports a wide range of open source scripting technologies and offers improved performance. This release extends language support beyond Java technology by providing a rich set of features for C/C++, JavaScript and the Ruby language, including Ruby on Rails.

One of the downloads available is an Early Access preview of support for PHP. Advance versions of new modules, such as JavaScript debugger, support of ClearCase, AXIS, and Hibernate are available as separate plugins.

NetBeans IDE 6.1 also contains all of the improvements made in 6.0 including: the new smarter editor, next generation of the ground-breaking GUI builder (formerly known as Project Matisse), visual mobile designer, integrated profiler, and Java EE 5 support.

Mural, Open Master Data Management from Sun Microsystems

The Mural community is an open-source community with the purpose of developing an ecosystem of products that solve the problems in Data Management through a collaborative community-driven approach. Leveraging the OpenESB and Netbeans communities, the Mural community seeks to build a foundational open-source data management infrastructure to form the basis of Master Data Management initiatives (i.e., CDI, PIM) and of traditional datawarehousing and business intelligence initiatives. It will also provide data services for SOA initiatives and Enterprise Web 2.0.

Mural Achitecture

The Mural community includes the following set of core components:

  1. Master Index Studio – Provides the capability to create any domain specific master index through the matching, de-duplication, merging, and cleansing of data from various data sources.
  2. Data Integrator – Provides extract, transform, load capability and supports a wide variety of data sources, including relational as well as flat files, spreadsheets, XML, and newer sources such as HTML tables and RSS Feeds. It is also exposed as a Service Engine in OpenESB.
  3. Data Quality - Features matching, standardization, profiling,and cleansing capabilities.
  4. Data Mashup – Provides server-side data mashup capability, having multiple forms, such as exposing data services for enterprise mashups and providing real-time views of information for master data consumers.
  5. Data Migrator – Provides the ability to migrate database objects across database instances.

Source :

Opera Mini 4.1 Beta Has Been Released

Opera Mini is a serious killer app: The free Internet browser brings an iPhone-esque browsing experience to almost every phone and smartphone. Forget dealing with the mobile versions of your favorite Websites--Opera Mini displays the whole page on your cell phone and then allows you to zoom into the piece you're interested in.

Dufan Imlek Promo

Dufan imlek promo

Dufan imlek promo

The Real Story Why Microsoft Needs Yahoo

So one day, Scott McNealy, founder and chairman of Sun, read in his morning newspaper how the use of Java was rapidly diminishing, courtesy of something called 'The LAMP Stack'. Furiously, he called his accountant.

Scott: "I knew this Java thing was a bad idea in the first place! I see only one solution. We need to buy this Lamp!"
Accountant: "Euh, LAMP is not a company. It's an acronym. It's Linux , Apache, MySQL and PHP"
Scott: "Then buy me Linux!"
Accountant: "But we still have this Solaris thing.."
Scott: "Then buy me Apache!"
Accountant: "That's a foundation. Nothing to buy there."
Scott: "Then buy me MySQL!"
Accountant: "We don't do databases."
Scott: "It's a database?"
Accountant: "What rock have you been living under?"
Scott: "Sweet. I can own the Lamp AND piss off Oracle at the same time!" (waves fake plastic magic wand) "Make it so!"

And so it happened.

Ten days later, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was reading the CIO Magazine, and read about this interesting thing called PHP, that according to the author you could use to write "WHAT?!". "WHAT?!", obviously a highly advanced and evolved version of "Hello World", caught his attention. So he called Bill Gates.

Steve: "Hey, you heard about this PHP thing?"
Bill: "Pee Age Pee? You're not that old yet, are you?"
Steve: "What? No, wait, it's a programming language, apparently better than ASP.NET."
Bill: "Who cares if it's better. I mean; we made the worst operating systems ever and still rule. (Checked out Leopard yet? It is SO cool.)"
Steve: "I don't know Bill... remember that internet thing that we didn't know about years ago? Kind of nearly missed the boat there."
Bill: "Right. Didn't we solve that in the same way? Worst browser, highest market share, that sort of thing?"
Steve: "Yes we did, but then we also didn't know about this 'mp3' thing until it was too late."
Bill: "We did manage to make Zune the worst player, but somehow we're not market leader. Guess we got sloppy?"
Steve: "Maybe it's just different times. Maybe we should have a different strategy."
Bill: "Ok, so let's just buy PHP then."
Steve: "It's not a company. But Encarta says it's written by a Rasmus Lerdorf."
Bill: "So let's hire him."
Steve: "Tried that. Didn't want to join. Can't blame him, works at Yahoo."
Bill: "Then I guess we'll have to buy Yahoo."

So it happened.

Two of the most controversial announcements of this month, and both appear to be part of devious plots to take over the LAMP stack. What's next? My prediction: Red-Hat buys Zend; Oracle buys Red-Hat; Sun and IBM join forces to buy Oracle, Microsoft buys Sun, kills IBM and peace is restored in the galaxy.

P.S. Can you imagine Microsoft running sites like Flickr? These guys invented MS Paint!


Sun Microsystem buy MySQL

Sun Microsystems has agreed to buy MySQL AB for $1B, giving them additional leverage in the open source community and providing access to MySQL to its larger corporations. The deal is expected to close during the third or fourth quarter.

The grand question, of course, is: what does this mean in the long term? Sun already offers JavaDB as a smaller-scale DB (compared to 'large offerings' like Oracle9 and IMS). Is Sun merely diversifying its own portfolio, looking for an additional revenue stream from MySQL AB's customers, or shifting away from JavaDB/Derby? Consider the following quote from Sun's press release: