My Graduation, Bina Nusantara 39th Graduation

Congratulation for my self. After spent 5 years in Bina Nusantara University, Jakarta at least its over now.

Graduation with my friend
With my friend 1

Graduation with my friend2
With my friend 2

Graduation with my family
With my family

Updating ESET Smart Security and ESET NOD32 Virus Definition with Smart Way

ESET is my favourite AV since this product receive the best AV 2006, 2007 and still top ten the best AV in 2008.

I'm using ESET product not just because that award, but also because this ESET doesn't make my system slower like Norton does.

ESET has 2 main product which is :
1. NOD32 Antivirus (the latest is ver 3)
This is an anti virus product
2. Eset Smart Security (the latest is ver 3)
This is an anti virus plus anti spyware, anti malware, and personal firewall in one bundling product.

Now back to topic, the problem with ESET is updating the latest virus definition with the slow connection (like mine). If you have unlimited, stable and fast internet connection you can leave this article now.

Still following this article ?

Okay for you who have unlimited, but slow internet connection (just like my office) here is the step :
1. Open your ESET Smart Security or NOD32 Antivirus
2. Press F5 to open configuration
3. Select update tab
4. Click Edit
5. Try one of the following server list
* (For ESET Smart Security ver 3)
* (For NOD32 Antivirus ver 3)
6. Update now.

Now for you with very limited internet connection (dial up) here is the step :
1. Download tools for offline browsing or site mirroring (in this case, im using Teleport Pro)
2. Run the program
3. Click "New Project Wizard"
4. Choose "Create a Browseable copy of a website on my hard drive"
5. Enter one of the following url
* (For ESET Smart Security ver 3)
* (For NOD32 Antivirus ver 3)
6. Choose "Everything"
7. Click finish
8. Run the project to retrieve the file and choose location to save your file
6. When all file downloaded, open your ESET Smart Security or NOD32 Antivirus
7. Press F5 to open configuration
8. Enter the path you saved earlier
9. Update now
10. For daily update, you don't have to waste another 18MB++, just open your Teleport project and click "Update Now". This method compare the file between your computer and server and make sure download only the newest file.

MyEclipse IDE 7 Free License

MyEclipse 7 Released, Get The Free License Now

Genuitec offering free license to people comment in TheServerSide thread. Here is the thread

Give your good comment and pray for the free license.

Some new feature in MyEclipse 7.
# Advanced JavaScript tooling

# New Plugin Dashboard

# REST Web Services wizards and explorer

# MyEclipse Spring tools

# OpenJPA support for MyEclipse Persistence tools

# MyEclipse Reports upgrade

# UML1, UML2 upgrades

# New JSF views and enhancements

# MyEclipse ICEfaces tooling update