Java Framework Conference

Funny Java Framework conversation. What do u think ?

Starts out with Wicket, Stripes and RIFE making some sensible comments..

Then, Struts1, the grandfather in the rocking chair in the back, interrupts them: "Bah! I was out there making thousands of sites work while you were all in diapers!"

"Yeah, yeah.."

Moderator to three strangely alike-looking guys scattered across the room, wearing shirts with numbers 3, 4 and 5 on them: "and you guys?"

Tap3: I put all you fools on the map!

Tap4 (to Tap3): who are you?

Tap5 (to Tap4): who are you?

Moderator: you mean you guys aren't related? You don't even know each other?

Taps (stroking their beards): Nope..

Struts1: look, here comes my grandson!

(A "horse" comes in, you know those horse costumes with two guys under it..)

Moderator: Hi, Struts2, is that you under there?

Struts2 (person at the head of the horse): yes..

Moderator: who's that behind you?

(Voice at the horse's butt): WebWork!

Then this loud noise as a bunch of security trucks surrounding a limo arrive.

Struts1: there's my other grandson, late, as usual..

(JSF comes in)

JSF: (speaks garbled)

All: what?

JSF (frowning, pressing a button): (h:outputtext value="sorry, I keep forgetting I have to do this everytime I want to say something.. well sorry I'm late, but I wanted to tell you all that I'll be the new STANDARD around here..")

All (looking at each other): who is this guy?

Facelets comes running in frantically.

Facelets: JSF! How many times do I have to tell you never to speak to the media directly? As your publicist, I do all the talking!

JSF (hanging his head): (f:verbatim)Sorry..(/f:verbatim)

Wicket: Hey JSF, race you to write a custom component! GO!

Facelets: hold on now.. (dials cell phone).. let me call Seam and see what we can do.. find a vendor..

Wicket: FINISHED! I win!

RIFE: (starts to say something)

(somebody interrupts)

Moderator: quiet, RIFE was talking, let him finish!

RIFE: No problem, I can easily continue what I was saying.. (finishes what he was saying, using a different template syntax, er, a different accent..)

Stripes: hey JSF, you don't still use your grandfather's XML config file, do you?

JSF: (h:outputtext value="uh..")

Stripes: (shakes his head)

Spring MVC: everyone's welcome to my house, it's pretty cool, not only do I have a web framework for you, but all kinds of other good stuff too.. swimming pool.. tennis court.. bowling alley.. big screen HDTV.. pool table.. open house! come on over!

Moderator: hey, you guys sitting there quietly, you want to stand up and say your names?




Australian guys: BWAHAHAHAA! His name is Waffle!

Waffle: alright, alright, enough with that already..

"Naked Objects!"

Moderator: hey, none of that in here..

Then, somebody is knocking at the door, trying to get in. It's Rails. But it's a Java web framework conference.. so security won't let him in..

Moderator: anybody can vouch for this guy? should we let him in?

All: nope..

Moderator: anyone even know him?

Grails: nope..
Trails: nope..
Sails: nope..
Pails: nope..
Quails: nope..
Jails: nope..

Moderator: sheesh..

Why Microsoft Paid Less For Facebook

The reason why Microsoft just paid $240 million than $750 million for Facebook

1. Microsoft Only Needs an Entrenched Position
Ballmer's plan to acquire 100 startups in 5 years is still sketchy, but we got the point -- Microsoft wants momentum. If the company is to go forward as planned then taking a small, strategic piece of Facebook makes sense. Microsoft's financial interests in Facebook's ad platform already exist, so it only makes sense to strengthen that tie as the hype builds. Getting a direct line to Facebook's international audience (which makes up a whopping 60% of its users) isn't too shabby either -- at least for Redmond's ad sales department. A larger commitment (financial or otherwise), could definitely help with Facebook's cash flow, but at this juncture the company really needs support for its ad platform, just as Microsoft needs an entrenched position in the online ad market.

2. Microsoft Wouldn't Drink the $15 Billion Kool-Aid
Let's face it -- a $15 billion valuation for Facebook is just as pretentious as a monocle. With today's alliance, Microsoft most likely chose a figure it was willing to spend ($240 million) and then invested accordingly. Even though Facebook can claim that it's 1.6% of $15 billion, it will always be $240 million to Microsoft. At the end of the day, the social networking site is probably just happy to have a lighter load for generating revenue, and Microsoft is glad it didn't dump $750 million into what could be the next Skype.

3. Microsoft Was the Highest Bidder
$240 million really isn't that much. Especially when $750 million was the going figure for the longest time. In terms of Google's cash flow, a company accountant could trip coming out of the bathroom and drop that much cash. It's safe to say that Microsoft was the highest bidder because it wanted this particular investment more. That's not to say that Google turned its nose up at Facebook entirely. The interest was there -- just not at Facebook's asking price. The cost of hubris? Having to eat crow and take Microsoft's down-to-earth offer.

GIMP 2.4 Released

GIMP 2.4 has just announced press release about GIMP 2.4

eneral improvements :
*. Refreshed Look
*. Scalable Brushes
*. Selection Tools
*. Foreground Select Tool
*. Align Tool
*. Changes in menus
*. Improved display when zooming in or out
*. Support for file formats

Microsoft Beats Google for Facebook

Microsoft has beat Google in its bid for Facebook. The software giant will invest $240 million in the social networking site in a move that will preserve Microsoft's existing advertising deal with Facebook.

Facebook chose Microsoft over Google because it was pleased with the way Microsoft's ad partnership had developed over the last year, said Owen Van Natta, VP operations and chief revenue officer at Facebook.

IntelliJ IDEA 7.0 Released

IntelliJ IDEA 7.0

Jetbrains has announced the release of IntelliJ IDEA 7.0

Being traditionally focused at developers’ productivity, IntelliJ IDEA continues adding numerous productivity-boosting features and enhancements to make everyday development a real pleasure:

* Spring and Hibernate support
* Web and enterprise development
* Performance improvement
* Eclipse and Maven integration
* VCS integration
* Dynamic language
* Debugger
* Project configuration
* Refactoring

Full feature can be found here

IntelliJ IDEA 7.0

IntelliJ IDEA is commercial Java IDE, but you can try for 30 days.

Square Root More Than 2 in Java

I know its sound simple, but in fact i spent more than 20 minute in Google to find the answer.

By default Java only provide method square root by 2 like this :
double root = Math.sqrt(new Double("4")); // 4 square root by 2, result is 2

If you want square root more than 2, use this :
double root = Math.pow(new Double("8"), new Double("0.3333333")); // 8 square root by 3, result is 2, a New Resource for Designer and Developer comes for Web Designer and Web Developer. This site offer many tutorial like 2d graphics, 3d graphics, web design, web development using php, rails, asp and so on. also available in 3 language (at this time) : English, Germany, and Turkeys.

Also this site have video tutorial to help you quick mastering design and development.

Windows XP SP3 Beta Review

Windows XP SP3 Beta reviews by PC Mags. This XP SP3 Beta not available to public.

Windows XP SP3 Beta

Pros :
Kernel-level enhancements make the OS more secure.

Cons :
Not applicable to specific versions of XP. Beta version not fully compatible with Media Center. Doesn't improve computing experience.

Summary :
There's very little new here, but SP3 increases security and collects all those hundreds of hotfixes you might have been too busy (or cautious) to keep downloading. But make sure you understand the compatibility issues before applying SP3.

The Most Favourite Browser

The most favourite browser in world wide from
the most favourite browser

Browser market share September 2007
chart of most favourite browser

The top browser in Europe July 2007
browser usage in europe

Why The Most Popular Sites Not Using Java

An interesting article and discussion in about why the mostly popular sites like ebay, flickr, myspace, yousendit, meebo, amazon, friendster does not use pure Java.

I think because J2EE is too complex and not of J2EE component is the most efective for some condition, for example ebay uses Java, but not all component Ebay just uses servlets and JDK. They don't use JSP, EJB, JMS and the other. I mean if PHP can do better why we choose JSP ? said the two reason are :
1. LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) is open source and cost effective
2. J2EE is used, but only as part of the application stack, not as the entire stack itself.

Happy Birthday Slashdot

slashdot 10th anniversary
This October celebrate 10 years existing in world wide web.

The suprise is, according to slashdot announcement, slashdot also going to give away 500 t-shirts and ThinkGeek gift certificates to people willing to organize and attend their own local Slashdot parties. One lucky winner will get a cool grand to blow at ThinkGeek!

The idea is simple. Visit the Slashdot Anniversary Party Web Page. You can sign up to attend a party, or if there's nobody hosting near you, you can create your own. The details of your local parties are up to you- each has a corresponding discussion so you can work it out amongst yourselves. The Ann Arbor gathering will be at a bar because dammit
I'm old and don't have time to go out for beers much these days. But you do whatever works for the folks in your area. Dorm Room. Bar. Gym. Wherever several Slashdot readers gather, we shall attempt to mail shirts until we run out.

To be eligible for schwag, you need to schedule your party by Oct 8 and sign up to attend a party by Oct 13- this will give us time to figure out where to send the shirts, and time to send them before you all start partying naked during the official party window of Oct 19-28.

As for the one thousand dollar ThinkGeek Gift Certificate grand prize, the winner will be the party attendee who submits the coolest thing for our "scrapbook". Videos. Pictures. Songs. Anything you can email. Something that proves that your party was the one we all wish we were at. The deadline for submissions will be Oct 28. We'll have an official submission email address posted later. This is all about creativity and coolness so good luck with that. The grand prize winner will be posted on Oct 31, the end of the month when we can all forget that any of this ever happened. 

IE7 Now Without Windows Genuine Validation Check

Internet Explorer 7
Microsoft has announced IE7 will no longer require Windows Genuine Advantage validation check for download or install. You can download from the Microsoft's Internet Explorer download page or use Automatic Update.

There is several updates too, but no big changes here. The biggest changes is removal Windows Genuine Advanted check.

Visit for more detail.

Yahoo Deal Agreement for Mobile Search

Yahoo trying to catch up with Google in mobile search. Yahoo deal the agreement with Telefonica, Spanish telecommunication provider.

With the agreement, Yahoo will operate searches and sell advertising linked to them in 15 countries in Europe and Latin America.

Google meanwhile has a mobile search agreement with Vodafone.

Geraldine Wilson, VP of the mobile division of Yahoo Europe declined to provide financial details of the deal with Telefonica, other than to say it was a “long-term” arrangement that was expected to generate “millions” in revenue

Source :

Intoducing Yahoo User Interface (YUI) Library

Yahoo has announced Yahoo User Interface (YUI) library for developer.

The Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Library is a set of utilities and controls, written in JavaScript, for building richly interactive web applications using techniques such as DOM scripting, DHTML and AJAX. The YUI Library also includes several core CSS resources. All components in the YUI Library have been released as open source under a BSD license and are free for all uses.

Yahoo User Interface

Download YUI at