Nokia Upcoming Model (5310, N81-8GB, N95-8GB)

The new Nokia series :

1. Nokia 5310 Xpress Music
* Dedicated music keys for instant access to favorite tunes
* Up to 4GB storage space for your growing playlist
* Switch between songs and calls without disruption
* Stylishly sleek and small in design
* FM radio
* Vibrant QVGA (240x320), 16 million color display
* Bluetooth, integrated speakers and enhanced S40 player
* 2 mega pixel camera with 4x digital zoom

 Nokia 5310 Express Music     Nokia 5310 Express Music     Nokia 5310 Express Music
2. Nokia N81 - 8GB

* WCDMA 2100 + EGSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
* Up to 8 GB internal flash memory for music, games, video, images and applications
* 2MB primary camera, VGA secondary camera
* FM radio
* Talk time*: up to 3 - 4 hrs GSM / 3 hrs WCDMA
* Stand-by time*: up to 17 days (in GSM)
* Video playback time*: up to 4.5 hrs (QVGA)
* Active matrix 2.4” QVGA main color display (320 x 240 pixels), up to 16 million colors
* Operating system: Symbian OS ver. 9.2
* User interface: S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack (S60 3.1)
* Dedicated media keys for quick and easy access to music and video:
play/pause, forward, rewind, stop
* Dedicated game & volume keys
* Device hold key
* Multimedia key & Navi™ wheel
* WLAN IEEE802.11 b/g with UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) support
* Bluetooth, Micro USB 2.0 Full Speed (mass storage class),  Nokia AV Connector 3.5 mm

Nokia N81 - 8GB     Nokia N81 - 8GB     

Nokia N81 - 8GB     Nokia N81 - 8GB

3. Nokia N95 - 8GB
* WCDMA 2100 MHz (HSDPA), EGSM 900 MHz, GSM 850/1800/1900 MHz (EGPRS)
* 100MB internal memory, Up to 8GB external memory
* 5MB primary camera, VGA secondary camera
* Mobile tv support
* GPS built in
* FM radio
* Talk time: up to 3.5 hrs (WCDMA), up to 5 hrs (GSM)
* Stand-by time: up to 11.5 days (WCDMA and GSM)
* Large 2.8" QVGA (240 x 320 pixels) TFT display 16.7 million colors
* Operating system: Symbian OS version 9.2
* User interface: S60 3rd Edition
* WCDMA 2100 (HSDPA)
* Dual Transfer Mode (DTM) support
* EGPRS class B
* GPRS class B

Nokia N95 - 8GB     Nokia N95 - 8GB     

Nokia N95 - 8GB     Nokia N95 - 8GB


Here is announcement for SLF4J (Simple Logging Facade for Java)

The Simple Logging Facade for Java or (SLF4J) is intended to serve as a simple facade for various logging APIs allowing to the end-user to plug in the desired implementation at deployment time. SLF4J also allows for a gradual migration path away from Jakarta Commons Logging (JCL).

SLF4J API offers an advanced abstraction of various logging systems, including JDK 1.4 logging, log4j and logback. Features include parameterized logging and MDC support.

Logging systems can either choose to implement the the SLF4J interfaces directly, à la logback or SimpleLogger. Alternatively, it is possible (and rather easy) to write SLF4J adapters for a given API implementation, e.g. Log4jLoggerAdapter or JDK14LoggerAdapter..

2007 DUB Auto Show

2007 DUB Auto Show event for car maniac. 
Enjoy ...

Close Window Browser Without Warning

How can you close window browser without get warning message like this
"The page is trying to close the window." ?  This warning message shows up when you use Java Script syntax window.close(); or self.close();
window.close() checks window.opener. If "opener" equals empty string it suspects that we talk about parent window (not the one that was opened with and pop-ups warning.

So we use this simple function :
// Work with Firefox, Netscape, IE, Opera
function closeWithoutWarning()

// Work with IE
function closeWithoutWarning2()
    window.opener = "whatever";

Dufan Promo, 50% Discount

Enjoy the holiday at Dunia Fantasi, Jakarta.

Netbeans IDE To Become GPL

Joshua Marinacci has posted blog about Netbeans to become GPL. NetBeans will be released under the GPL v2 with Classpath Exception.

What is that mean ? Classpath exception means that using Netbeans RCP would not require your application to be GPL too.

Joshua said it hasn't happened yet, but it's official and it's definitely going to happen.

My Google Adsense Pin Finally Arrived


After 3 month blogging, my adsense account reaches more than $50. According to term & condition of GA (Google Adsense), when i reaches $50 for the first time then i should get my Google pin to get my first payment.

I already received it 4 days ago. I can't wait to get my first payment.

Update : I received in 3 weeks. My hometown is in Jakarta, Indonesia

Source Code Line Counting

You are the Project Manager and you just finished your project on time. Now you want to bill customer based on LOC (Line Of Code) of your project. What you gonna do ? Open all of your source code and counting manually ? Thats a bad idea.

The smart idea is using Practiline Source Code Line Counting program. Its not free, but it give you 15 days trial. The following are the feature of this program :
*. Choice of folder and addition of files from the program without additional dialogues;
*. Simultaneous support of all format types;
*. Free selection of available formats;
*. Definition of file format by its type (extension);
*. Advanced report export (printing, saving as pdf, doc and other formats, copying to clipboard)
*. Saving and loading of profiles for various users;
*. Displaying available profiles as menu;
*. Full report on the code:
*. number of source code lines;
*. number of blank lines;
*. number of comment lines;
*. number of mixed lines (code and comments);
*. percentage of comments, blanks and source code;
*. Sorting the report by any column of the table;
*. Copying a selected part of the report to clipboard;
*. Counting totals in the report (sum total, percentage).
Download program here

Okay now the problem of counting source code text based file (Java file, C++ file, PHP file, etc) solved. BUT what about counting line of code PLSQL code ?
Thats piece of cake, try using code


Thats it. This article should help you to do line counting.

Support Issue In Open Source

Matt Asay wrote the article about support issue in open source.

The point are :

The research revealed something that I suspected but had not yet seen data to prove: developer communities are great for developers, and not so great for anyone outside them.

What does this mean if you're an enterprise hoping to hitch a free ride on an open-source project? Well, it means that you're better off paying a little money for professional support. Free support is good up to a point, but if that point ends when your job begins, you may be in a world of hurt without it.
 Well i totally agree with his statement. Free support is bad, i mean without paid 
developer of course don't want wasting time to give us support. They only give us support in forum while developer answer that if they had time.

2. Fact case study comparison free support and paid support
* Studies utilizing developer mailing lists show that only a handful of core and active developers discuss code development (Barahona et al., 2004; Mockus et al., 2002) , with very little discussion on some of these lists (e.g., the Apache web server list). You're either in the know, or you're not, apparently.

* Lakhani and Hippel (2003)...found that ~2% of the knowledge providers were responsible for about 50% of the answers to questions posted on the help system and 50% of the questions were provided by 24% of the knowledge providers. [In other words, you get a lot of mileage out of just a few people - in terms of resolving questions and in posing questions - and most others are along for the ride. On Apache, especially, only a few people actively answer questions on the list.]

* Krogh et al. (2003) found that 36.7% of new participants [to the developer, not user list] got no response to their questions. [Apparently, the best source of support will not be a pure community.]
Studying the Debian mailing lists, Sowe et al. found that] [i]n the Developer list participants contributed more replies (mean = 34.52) than posts (7.95). The reverse was the case in the User list. Participants posted more than they replied to questions asked in the list. One explanation for this could be, as Mockus et al. (2002) discovered in the developer mailing list of the Apache project, postings in the developer lists may contain sufficient information to allow others to comment on them...[whereas the user questions are not considered interesting or informative enough to warrant a response.
Mmm i don't think so, say if developer don't wasting time to support, then they can gather community to help newbie user. For example Hibernate forum, Ruby forum.

Grails vs Rails Productivity Comparison

Many people that using Rails claim that Rails save a lot of effort and increase productivity. With Rails, we can boost "speed of development".

So far many people believe on that statement.

But now there is someone claim Grails is more productive.

AfterThought who wrote this comparison is a consulting company that developers Web applications and distributed systems, is currently doing a project for a Fortune 200 company that was begun on May 30th of 2007. The company did estimates of the amount of effort required to do the project in J2EE, Java/Spring, Rails, and Grails. The numbers they came up with, using a planning tool called Planix (which they have used for several years), looked like this:

In my opinion, this comparison not based on fact. Look at the chart, only Grails is provided actual data, the other just estimate. Its mean they don't try build the same application using Rails. I wondering how they made the estimate.

KonaKart - Free Shooping Cart / E-Commerce

KonaKart is a free java shopping cart application that provides everything that store owners need to sell their products over the Internet. KonaKart includes an extensive set of online shopping cart features to satisfy the needs of both online shoppers and store owners alike.

KonaKart is an open Java / AJAX / JSP / XML based solution with easy to use java APIs and a SOAP Web Service interface for the ultimate in connectivity.

The most significant new features of the release are:
1) Introduction of AJAX enabled One Page Checkout functionality.
Existing customers go directly to the checkout screen where they can add coupons, change shipping methods, payment methods etc. and immediately see the updated total order amount without a screen refresh. New customers can add address details as part of the checkout process. They don't have to go through a separate registration process.

2) Introduction of Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
You have full control over which SEO features to activate. KonaKart allows you to define multi-lingual templates in order to write product information (name, model, manufacturer, category) into the URL, the window title, the meta description and the meta keywords.

3)Support for DB2 and MS SQL Server databases.
The KonaKart download package now supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2 and MS SQL Server databases.

KonaKart can be downloaded from the KonaKart web site at and more information can be found at

Gramedia Cheap Books Event

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