Oracle ADF Faces Template in JDev 10g

My project (maybe almost project need this) require a template so when developing user interface, developer no need repeat adding banner, logo, application title, footer, etc. SRDemo example teach me to create template.jspx file and then copy paste this template to another jspx file. This is bad idea, because if somehow my logo changed, then i need to modified ALL of my jspx file.

So i'm start Googling to research about this. But sadly Oracle does not officially support ADF template in JDev 10g. JDev 11g does, but after some consideration we,re using JDev 10g.

After a bit research led me to ADF Region. But like i said, this is not supported so it's not covered in Oracle ADF Developer Guide book. Thanks to Edwin Biemond blog and AMIS blog to contribute great article about ADF Region.

This is a small example using ADF Region to add Branding, Copyright, MenuTab and MenuList. The point is :

  1. Separate your static content like Branding, Copyright etc in file Branding.jspx, Copyright.jspx and so on.
  2. Register those files with unique name in file region-metadata.xml
  3. In your real page, call this template by invoking unique name in region-metadata.xml

Full example download here