ADF How To Clear or Reset Search Form in Jdev10g

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Olaf Heimburger
Frank Nimphius
OTN Forum

The problem :
Let say my application based on HR schema. I've search form for employees and departments.
For employee we can search by first name, last name, email and so on.
For departments we can search by department name and manager.

So i enter employee search form and search employee first name Steven. I got 2 records, thats fine.
I leave to another form and now the riddiculous thing are when you come back to employee search form again,
you'll see your previous first name parameter Steven and your previous result which is 2 records.

Thats mean to me Oracle does not clear / reset input value in the form.

Toplink Jdev10g How To Delete Child Record

The problem :
Recently i've found problem when trying to delete the record with child record programmaticly using Toplink in Jdev10g.

For example imagine i'm about to delete IT Department in HR schema.

Here is my piece of code in SessionBean to do that :


And my embedded OC4J thrown me
Exception TOPLINK-4002 (Oracle TopLink - 10g Release 3 ( (Build 061214)): oracle.toplink.exceptions.DatabaseException
Internal Exception: java.sql.BatchUpdateException: error occurred during batching: ORA-02292: integrity constraint (FK_CHILD_PARENT) violated - child record found

Offline Flashing/Upgrade Nokia Firmware Tutorial

Credits :

1. me.dhillon helper member of dotsis(dot)com
2. dotsis(dot)com forum
3. blue-nokia(dot)com

Disclaimer :

1. This article is for education purpose only.
2. I don't being held responsible to anything can cause damage to your mobile phone. Try it on your own risk.
3. What you have done here can void your Nokia warranty.
If you okay with that disclaimer above let continue. This article well tested on XP SP2 and my Nokia N73.

Q & A :

Q : Why upgrade to the latest firmware needed ?
A : Because the latest firmware can solve a lot of bugs such as slow messaging, slow opening gallery, RAM issue, etc

Q : I have Nokia phone that still in warranty why must i follow your tutorial while i can upgrade in Nokia Center ?
A : You're right. You don't need this one. Please go to Nokia Center to upgrade your firmware free of charge.

Q : Why offline ? You can use online update with Nokia Software Updater (NSU).
A : Thats because i have a bad internet connection.
If download offline firmware from rapidshare failed i just re-download again and again,
BUT if download online update through NSU failed then your phone DEAD.

Q : I have N70 or N73 or another N-series. I want to upgrade to Music Edition or Internet Edition with the latest firmware. Is that possible ?
A : Yes. This is what i have done. Just follow this article.

Q : I pay a visit to blue-nokia(dot)com and my phone is not listed. Do i need to upgrade ?
A : You're using old-fashion mobile phone (no offence lol). Then you can read the rest of this article but you won't need upgrade your phone.

Q : If flashing failed and my phone dead what should i do ?
A : Then you should read more careful my article. No i'm kidding, no worry about that.
You can flashing dead phone too.