Java EE 7 Is About To Coming?

Java EE 7 AKA The Cloud some feature: multi-tenancy, application versioning, support for NRDBMS stores but also about modularity, trying to leverage what will be done at the JavaSE level. Of all the APIs up for a new version, JAX-RS and JPA seem to be the closest to being filed as JSRs.

It's been one year since Java EE 6 was released (December 2009) and it's now time to start talking about Java EE 7. In fact at JavaOne San Francisco in September, at Devoxx in November and at JavaOne Sao Paulo and Beijing in December, the technical keynotes have gradually introduced what Oracle would like to see addressed in this release.

Credit: Oracle newsletter


Jokes :)

My Footnotes About Adobe Flex (Indonesian language)

*. Adobe Flex adalah RIA yang mirip dengan Ajax, JavaFX, Silverlight or XUL

*. Flex platform:

  • MXML utk design form
  • ActionScript 3.0 utk scripting
  • FlashPlayer 10.0 utk plugin webbrowser utk compile bytecode (.swf)
  • Server Side integration via Flex Data Services, GraniteDS or BlazeDS, giving the applications access to J2EE applications.
  • Also the flex application could be connected to other server technologies such as PHP, Coldfusion and ASP.NET.
  • Flex Builder, yaitu IDE berbasis Eclipse

*. Flex berintegrasi dengan server menggunakan salah satu dari:
  • Webservices
  • ColdFusion Flash Remoting Service.
  • Action Message Format (herein AMF) used in BlazeDS, GraniteDS and LiveCycle Data Services.
  • This is the way in which NCSIS applications will be developed.

*. Benefit Flex:
  • Rapid prototype
  • Multi Browser compatible
  • Aplikasi Flex adalah statefulness yang berarti tidak memerlukan request setiap saat ke server
  • Jalan diberbagai webserver dan bisa konek ke webservice
  • Menggunakan AMF lebih cepat webservice

*. Flex berkomunikasi melalui RPC dan protokol HttpServices, WebServices, RemoteObject

*. Proses membuat aplikasi Flex:
  • Buat form MXML
  • Buat ActionScript sesuai fungsinya
  • Compile the code, form MXML dan ActionScript akan menjadi file .swf yang bisa dijalankan di FlashPlayer
  • Deploy .swf file dengan mengembbed kedalam HTML

*. MXML adalah GUI

*. ActionScript adalah logic

*. ActionScript adalah asynchronous yang berarti method dijalankan oleh server tetapi tidak mengembalikan nilai

*. Cara link MXML dan ActionScript:
  • Embed ActionScript code didalam
  • Import eksternal file
  • Import ActionScript classes
  • Import ActionScript compiled components

*. Contoh cara manggil ActionScript ke dalam MXML:

public function sayHello():String
var response:String = "Say Hello World";
return response;

*. Dalam MXML Flex juga dikenal istilah DataBindings seperti PageDefinitionnya Oracle ADF:


*. Validasi di Flex bisa melalui:
  • ActionScript
  • DataBindings
  • Events

*. Cairngorm merupakan framework MVC yang digunakan sebagai event model utk memanggil dan menerima panggilan dari server

*. Cairngorm akan sangat membantu terutama apabila bekerja dengan lebih dari satu developer dan project dengan skala besar

*. Cairngorm komponen:

  • ValueObject utk pojo di level view (isi VO ini sama persis dengan pojo di level server)
  • Event akan mentrigger business logic yang di Command utk segera di proses
  • FrontController utk mapping antara Event dan Command
  • Command yaitu utk proses business logic
  • BusinessDelegate
  • ServiceLocator yaitu utk menentukan di view akan memanggil service apa yang berkaitan dengan form tsb
  • ModelLocator yaitu global data (di JDev seperti adapter)
*. [Bindable]
public class ModelLocator implements IModelLocator
Bindable disini artinya semua variabel yang di define didalam class tsb bisa dijadikan data binding

*. Urutan flow Cairngorm: View -> Event -> FrontController -> Command -> Delegate -> ServiceLocator -> Model -> View
Contoh penjelasannya dalam form login:

  • Form login mempunyai button login, button login tsb akan mentrigger event.
  • FrontController akan mencari Command apa yang sesuai utk Event tsb.
  • Command kemudian akan mendelegasikan tugas kepada ServiceLocator utk meng-execute business logic di sisi Server.
  • Hasil execute tersebut (entah select/insert/update/delete) akan mengembalikan Model yang kemudian di tampung lagi ke View

Welcome to Adobe Flex and goodbye Oracle

After 2 years working on Oracle stack technology at Bizol Cipta Solusi (ADF, Toplink, JDev, OC4J, Oracle Database), finally i'm leaving.

I have been waiting opportunity to move almost a year.

Now i'm move on to Plasmedia. Hired for 8 month until August 2011.

They using:
Adobe Flex as client technology
Java as server technology
Hibernate as ORM
Spring as dependency injection
BlazeDS as connector between client and server
JBoss as webserver
SVN as source code management
Alfresco as portal document management
Jira as bug tracker
MyEclipse with FlashBuilder plugin as IDE
Oracle as database

Some of them are new for me such as Adobe Flex and BlazeDS, but i will keep learning :)