Welcome to Adobe Flex and goodbye Oracle

After 2 years working on Oracle stack technology at Bizol Cipta Solusi (ADF, Toplink, JDev, OC4J, Oracle Database), finally i'm leaving.

I have been waiting opportunity to move almost a year.

Now i'm move on to Plasmedia. Hired for 8 month until August 2011.

They using:
Adobe Flex as client technology
Java as server technology
Hibernate as ORM
Spring as dependency injection
BlazeDS as connector between client and server
JBoss as webserver
SVN as source code management
Alfresco as portal document management
Jira as bug tracker
MyEclipse with FlashBuilder plugin as IDE
Oracle as database

Some of them are new for me such as Adobe Flex and BlazeDS, but i will keep learning :)