Java Framework Conference

Funny Java Framework conversation. What do u think ?

Starts out with Wicket, Stripes and RIFE making some sensible comments..

Then, Struts1, the grandfather in the rocking chair in the back, interrupts them: "Bah! I was out there making thousands of sites work while you were all in diapers!"

"Yeah, yeah.."

Moderator to three strangely alike-looking guys scattered across the room, wearing shirts with numbers 3, 4 and 5 on them: "and you guys?"

Tap3: I put all you fools on the map!

Tap4 (to Tap3): who are you?

Tap5 (to Tap4): who are you?

Moderator: you mean you guys aren't related? You don't even know each other?

Taps (stroking their beards): Nope..

Struts1: look, here comes my grandson!

(A "horse" comes in, you know those horse costumes with two guys under it..)

Moderator: Hi, Struts2, is that you under there?

Struts2 (person at the head of the horse): yes..

Moderator: who's that behind you?

(Voice at the horse's butt): WebWork!

Then this loud noise as a bunch of security trucks surrounding a limo arrive.

Struts1: there's my other grandson, late, as usual..

(JSF comes in)

JSF: (speaks garbled)

All: what?

JSF (frowning, pressing a button): (h:outputtext value="sorry, I keep forgetting I have to do this everytime I want to say something.. well sorry I'm late, but I wanted to tell you all that I'll be the new STANDARD around here..")

All (looking at each other): who is this guy?

Facelets comes running in frantically.

Facelets: JSF! How many times do I have to tell you never to speak to the media directly? As your publicist, I do all the talking!

JSF (hanging his head): (f:verbatim)Sorry..(/f:verbatim)

Wicket: Hey JSF, race you to write a custom component! GO!

Facelets: hold on now.. (dials cell phone).. let me call Seam and see what we can do.. find a vendor..

Wicket: FINISHED! I win!

RIFE: (starts to say something)

(somebody interrupts)

Moderator: quiet, RIFE was talking, let him finish!

RIFE: No problem, I can easily continue what I was saying.. (finishes what he was saying, using a different template syntax, er, a different accent..)

Stripes: hey JSF, you don't still use your grandfather's XML config file, do you?

JSF: (h:outputtext value="uh..")

Stripes: (shakes his head)

Spring MVC: everyone's welcome to my house, it's pretty cool, not only do I have a web framework for you, but all kinds of other good stuff too.. swimming pool.. tennis court.. bowling alley.. big screen HDTV.. pool table.. open house! come on over!

Moderator: hey, you guys sitting there quietly, you want to stand up and say your names?




Australian guys: BWAHAHAHAA! His name is Waffle!

Waffle: alright, alright, enough with that already..

"Naked Objects!"

Moderator: hey, none of that in here..

Then, somebody is knocking at the door, trying to get in. It's Rails. But it's a Java web framework conference.. so security won't let him in..

Moderator: anybody can vouch for this guy? should we let him in?

All: nope..

Moderator: anyone even know him?

Grails: nope..
Trails: nope..
Sails: nope..
Pails: nope..
Quails: nope..
Jails: nope..

Moderator: sheesh..