Mural, Open Master Data Management from Sun Microsystems

The Mural community is an open-source community with the purpose of developing an ecosystem of products that solve the problems in Data Management through a collaborative community-driven approach. Leveraging the OpenESB and Netbeans communities, the Mural community seeks to build a foundational open-source data management infrastructure to form the basis of Master Data Management initiatives (i.e., CDI, PIM) and of traditional datawarehousing and business intelligence initiatives. It will also provide data services for SOA initiatives and Enterprise Web 2.0.

Mural Achitecture

The Mural community includes the following set of core components:

  1. Master Index Studio – Provides the capability to create any domain specific master index through the matching, de-duplication, merging, and cleansing of data from various data sources.
  2. Data Integrator – Provides extract, transform, load capability and supports a wide variety of data sources, including relational as well as flat files, spreadsheets, XML, and newer sources such as HTML tables and RSS Feeds. It is also exposed as a Service Engine in OpenESB.
  3. Data Quality - Features matching, standardization, profiling,and cleansing capabilities.
  4. Data Mashup – Provides server-side data mashup capability, having multiple forms, such as exposing data services for enterprise mashups and providing real-time views of information for master data consumers.
  5. Data Migrator – Provides the ability to migrate database objects across database instances.

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