WEB4J Java Web Application Framework

Another simple web framework. According to official website the primary design goal of WEB4J is to always exercise deep compassion for you, the application programmer, to make your tasks as simple, natural, and as effective as possible. The framework should take on as much pain as possible, so that, in the end, you experience as little pain as possible.

The whole point of WEB4J is to give those who use it a deep feeling of simplicity, clarity, and elegance. That feeling is the ultimate goal of WEB4J, and nothing else. This is an esthetic goal, not a technical one.

The important things about WEB4J are :

  1. it's a full-stack Java web application framework
  2. it's small, and has a philosophy of deep simplicity and minimalism
  3. it can boost your productivity by 300% - 400% over other tools
  4. it's not free, it's not open source, and it has nothing to do with Rich Internet Apps
  5. it uses a minimal toolset
  6. it lets you implement forms with plain HTML
  7. it has no custom tags for form controls
  8. it has no custom annotations
  9. it has no custom .xml files (only web.xml is used)
  10. it has no tedious object-relational mapping
  11. it lets you put SQL in plain .sql text files
  12. it can be used with any relational database that has a JDBC driver
  13. it doesn't take you long to learn (and you don't need to buy a book)
  14. it uses convention over configuration in several important ways
  15. it makes your application classes simple, and easy to maintain
  16. it allows package-by-feature, where closely related items are placed in the same directory
  17. it places your validation logic in Model Objects (where it belongs)
  18. it lets your Model Objects be immutable
  19. it lets your Model Objects avoid the Java Beans anti-pattern
  20. it requires minimal configuration
  21. it doesn't impose thread-safety constraints on your classes
  22. it lets multilingual apps have almost the same style as a single language app
  23. it lets your apps assist in their own translation
  24. it lets you place translations in the database
  25. it lets you avoid ResourceBundle and its defects
  26. it protects you from common hacks
  27. it's cheaper to use than open source tools
  28. it starts up quickly
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