Eclipse on Vista, v 3.3 M6

Quotes from eclipse magazine,

Eclipse 3.3 M6 has been released, with animpressive list in New and Noteworthy.With this release Eclipse now runs onVista (Windows Presentation Foundationor the WPF). SWT is now exploiting more of the nativefeatures of the Vista platform. For example, usingnative double buffering on Vista win32 makes paintingin double-buffered canvases twice as fast. As ChrisAniszczyk further points out, SWT has “gone wild” withsupport for WPF, JavaXPCOM, and OLE improvements.The Platform also has a new look. Previous milestoneshave included a presentation titled “3.3 Presentation(Experimental)”. Its features are now part of the defaultpresentation.

Other new features include:
1. Improved min/max workflow
2. Help will now display a series of links called breadcrumbsat the top of each document that appears in the table ofcontents, allowing for easier navigation and morecontextual information
3. Categorised help search
4. Jetty-based implementation of the OSGi HTTP serviceadded to the Platform SDK along with the bundles thatprovide JSP and extension registry support
5. PDE now supports plug-in refactoring by providing theability to rename a plug-in ID and update all referencesto it in downstream plug-insPDE also provides three templates (Interactive, Browser,Extensible) for creating custom splash screens, completewith code, images and XML mark-up

The release has also added new features to the JDT,including improved null check detection, workspace relativepaths for Javadoc location and more