SQL Toolkit For DBA's Part 2

2nd posting about DBA toolkits, read first posting here

Text Processing

Text processing is a big part of SQL Server database and application development. Sometimes you need to transform, find patterns in, or just search text; but text processing is the bread and butter of many SQL-based applications.

In recognition of the importance of text processing on SQL Server, I've included several text processing tools in the toolkit. Some are re-writes of previously released tools, like the Sound Matching and Phonetic Toolkit. Others, like regular expression parsing, are new to the toolkit. This article focuses on regular expression tools in the toolkit; the next article will discuss the phonetic matching tools included.

Installation of the Toolkit is covered in Part One of this series. Basically, just copy the DLL's to your MSSQL\BINN directory and run the INSTALL.SQL script. Installation troubleshooting steps are covered in the README.RTF file included in the \DOCS directory.

In addition, there is a Windows Compiled Help file (DBATOOLKIT.CHM) included in the \DOCS directory. This Help File is included as your first line for online Q&A.
Regular Expression Tools

Regular expressions (regex's) are a precise notation for approximate matching. One of the most popular styles of regular expression syntax is the Perl syntax. The regular expression tools in the toolkit use the Boost::Regex++ library, which is compliant with Perl syntax. NOTE: Microsoft's regular expression syntax differs somewhat from Perl syntax, so .NET-specific regular expressions might require tweaking to use with these tools.
The Functions