SQL Toolkit For DBA's

HIPAA. SOX. FACTA. Every DBA needs to get compliant. However, not every DBA has the resources to migrate corporate databases to the new version of SQL Server overnight. Some of us need to be in compliance *yesterday*, but for one reason or another we won't be able to take advantage of the additional security and other high-speed functionality of SQL 2005 until after tax season.

Or after the start of the next fiscal year.

Or after the next presidential election.

You get the point.

So what do we do - those of us who are stuck with good old SQL 2000 with no foreseeable upgrade in sight? One option is to roll your own solutions. Or you could let someone like me do the dirty work for you.

This DBA Toolkit includes over two dozen extended stored procedures to help DBA's and developers who are committed to the SQL 2000 platform to some degree. Some of the tools are designed to add badly needed encryption to SQL 2000; others provide specific SQL Server functionality I've found useful over the years. All are designed to make SQL development and administration a little easier by extending the functionality of your SQL Server.

This series of articles provides the introduction to the Toolkit:
1. This first article will start with a look at the re-birth of SQL 2000 encryption.
2. The second article will discuss the addition of regular expressions to SQL Server via the Toolkit.
3. A third article will address phonetic matching tools in the Toolkit.
4. Finally, I will wrap up this series with a discussion of additional functionality in the toolkit that fits into none of the above categories.

Feel free to use these tools as you see fit. If you find them useful, please drop me a line and let me know which ones you use, how you use them, and what you find most useful.


Download here http://www.sqlservercentral.com/downloads/DBAToolkit.zip