Enhydra Shark 2.0 Open Source Workflow Engine Has Been Released

The 2.0 final version of the open source workflow engine Enhydra Shark is released.

Enhydra Shark is a flexible and extensible WfMC and OMG Workflow Management Facility compliant embeddable Java Workflow Engine.

As its native workflow process definition format Enhydra Shark uses WfMC-XPDL (XML Process Definition Language) without proprietary extensions. XPDL process definitions can easily be created using the included graphical workflow editor (Enhydra JaWE).

For execution of serverside system activities the WfMC Tool Agents API is supported. Many standard toolagents for common tasks are included.

Every single component (persistence layer, assignment manager, etc.) can be used with its default implementation or extended/replaced by project specific modules. This way Enhydra Shark can be used as a simple "Java library" in servlet or swing applications or running in a J2EE container supporting a session beans API, Corba ORB or accessed as a web service.

Distribution package includes an advanced Swing administration client and a web based worklist and administration client applications for managing workflows.

Enhydra Shark has well defined client interface and well defined interfaces for plug-in components.

In contrast to many other solutions on the market Enhydra Shark gives you the freedom to define your own GUI and to integrate existing system's components of YOUR environment!

The project is hosted on ObjectWeb, it has a large community, very active mailing list and it is highly rated on ObjectWeb.

For the professional users, commercial version called Together Workflow Server is now available. You can test it by downloading demo version from

Website: http://shark.objectweb.org/
ObjectWeb Project: http://forge.objectweb.org/projects/shark/